• Shit One Carries

    Written & Directed by Shuchi Kothari












  • Logline

    Father and son face awkward intimacies when caregiving roles are reversed.


    Avi, a middle-aged Silicon Valley engineer, returns briefly to his childhood home in India to care for his bedridden father, Amrutdada. Their prickly relationship is in contrast to the warmth Amrutdada shares with all his professional caregivers especially Natthu - a young attendant responsible for wiping bottoms and bedpans.


    One afternoon, everything goes out of kilter when Amrutdada has diarrhoea and Natthu is not on call. Avi panics. He tries desperately to get someone - anyone - to clean up after his father. When forced to perform the unpleasant task himself, Avi realizes that to clean his father’s shit, he must let go of his own crap.

  • Key Creatives

    Shit One Carries

    Shuchi Kothari

    Writer, Director, Producer

    Shuchi Kothari is a Kiwi-Indian filmmaker from New Zealand. She has written and produced award-winning films (Firaaq, Apron Strings, Coffee & Allah, Fleeting Beauty) that have screened at over 100 international festivals including Venice, Toronto, BFI, Telluride, Cannes and Busan.
    She teaches Screen Production at the University of Auckland. Among other projects, she’s currently writing an animated feature screenplay set in Japan.

    Shit One Carries is Shuchi’s first foray into directing fiction.

    Shit One Carries

    Shailesh Prajapati


    Shailesh Prajapati is a New Zealander with over 35 years of experience in the media, arts and entertainment industries across a range of roles including writer, director, actor, producer and editor, both in India and New Zealand.

    He has recently focused on pioneering Gujarati language theatre in New Zealand, directing plays that play to vast audiences and broaden the scope of non-English language entertainment in Auckland.

    Shit One Carries

    Mrinal Desai

    Director of Photography

    Critically acclaimed cinematographer Mrinal Desai works globally on a variety of projects including feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and web series. His documentaries have won BAFTA awards and Emmy nominations. Mrinal’s last feature film, ‘Court’ won 19 awards internationally including Best Film - Orizzonti (Horizons) at the Venice International Film Festival.






































































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